Saturday, March 28, 2009

Are The Winter Hawks Being Left Out In the Cold?

There is an excellent article in the Portland Tribune regarding the future of the Winter Hawks in relation to the possible demolition of the Memorial Coliseum and how they would fit into the Rose Garden.  The article points out among other things that the Winter Hawks would be forced to practice elsewhere and that weekend dates might be hard to come by as the Winter Hawks are not as profitable as a concert or other similar event.  Oh yeah, there is also the little problem of dressing rooms, etc.  Do you suppose the prima donna's on the Trail Blazers would want to share 'their' locker room with a lowly junior hockey team?  Just one more reason to keep the Memorial Coliseum.

One slight glimmer of hope in this matter is that the Hawks have a lease with the city that runs through 2013, so hopefully they can use that as leverage to stay in the Coliseum until then.

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