Saturday, March 21, 2009

Reviving the Rose Quarter

The Oregonian has a great guest opinion today by Douglas L. Obletz regarding the reuse of the Memorial Coliseum.  While I was not totally in favor of this idea when it was first floated to the public back in 2003 or so, it is a better alternative to having the building totally demolished and lost forever.  It would retain the original spirit of the Coliseum,  and Douglas calls for integrating a highly visible and accessible memorial.  I do know that the local veterans have felt slighted that they have not been allowed access to the Coliseum meeting rooms, etc., so having a dedicated room for the veterans would be a great idea also, on top of keeping the current memorial.

I hope that in haste the city does not allow rich sports team owners who have no real roots in Portland to knock down our beloved Memorial Coliseum all in the name of "progress".  I am also hoping that the citizens of Portland will put up a good fight before allowing the Coliseum to be demolished.


  1. Luke: Your blog is very well done and thoughtful. We would really appreciate a link on your blog to our website Cheers, Doug

  2. Luke: Thank you for initiating this blog -- a gathering place for those of us who support the Coliseum. I hope the citizens put up a bloody battle to save this facility, as well as the Winter Hawks. The MC needs to be renovated and not demolished. Constructing a baseball stadium in its place is unthinkable and robs Portland of a piece of its soul.

  3. The City Council will act on a predevelopment agreement on Wednesday, April 15th at 9:30. This may be the only opportunity for the public to weigh in on the issue of demolishing the Memorial Coliseum before the entire City Council. Spread the word.