Sunday, March 22, 2009

OSAA Dance Championships 3/21/09

Thanks to Gil Frey I was able to attend the OSAA Dance Championships at the Memorial Coliseum yesterday afternoon.  Truthfully it was the first time since about 2004 that I had been to the MC (My last visit was for a "Scorpions" concert.  Yuck!).  I was thrilled to get a good look at the building and the memorial.  The pool next to the memorial had been drained, for the winter I presume, but it was a nice sunny day so it gave me a good chance to show a friend the memorial and the lower ground level outside of the coliseum.  

I did not get a chance to view the whole building as a large area of the concourse was closed off to allow the dancers a place to warm up before competing.  The crowd was small and most likely consisted solely of friends and family, but they showed a lot of enthusiasm for the girls.  I was surprised on how much I enjoyed the routines and I applaud the dancers for their hard work.

As far as the overall condition of the Memorial Coliseum, I saw a very proud building with lots of life left in it.  Some things that immediately come to mind for updating are the seats (mine was somewhat creaky, but comfortable), the acoustic tiles on the ceiling, and the lighting inside the arena itself.   Another improvement would be to enlarge the ice to a regulation sized ice sheet.  And of course the arena needs to add skybox suites and a large "jumbotron" replay screen.   This would allow the Winter Hawks to remain in the building and would quell the voices of people who say that the MC is old and outdated.  In fact the Winter Hawks commisioned a report in 2003 that had artist renderings and computer models of such a remodel.

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