Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Water Is Magic" or How To Destroy the Rose Quarter?

Granted, the Rose Quarter as it is now is not the most exciting place to be whether there are events going on or not.  But as chronicled in the Portland Spaces blog, Blazers management wants to turn the Rose Quarter into some kind of Vegas styled 24 hour entertainment district.    Of all of the ideas for reusing the Coliseum space I find this the most obnoxious.  Does this even fit the vibe of Portland and the surrounding neighborhood?  This would fit in better on Jantzen Beach or something, but not the Rose Quarter area.  

It is almost like the major players who hold the future of the Memorial Coliseum in their hands are just throwing out ideas at this point.  What's next........turning the Coliseum into a 20-screen cineplex or maybe turn it into a indoor ski slope?  I better not give them any ideas!

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  1. Great blog. I share your concerns. I started a 'cause' on Facebook to 'Save Portland's Memorial Coliseum' if you're (or any body else)is on Facebook please join. I'll put a link there for this blog. Thanks, Jon