Friday, April 10, 2009

Architects rally to preserve Memorial Coliseum

Special Thanks to Peter Meijer who is working to place the Memorial Coliseum On the National Register Of Historic Places. To see the article on the Daily Journal Of Commerce web site click here. I think this kind of thing will force the powers that be to take a second look at their decision on placing the proposed AAA baseball stadium at the M.C. site. For all of the constant talk of "green this, and green that" from the local government, I guess that their actions do not match their words as a big no-no in sustainable building is tearing down a perfectly fine building just to place another.

Way to go Peter!

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  1. I emailed all members of the City Council. Please see the response I received below. Now it the time for us as citizens to put pressure on the Council to save the MC!!

    Thank you for your message. There are two crucial votes coming up this week on Wednesday morning on funding the soccer deal and removing Memorial Coliseum.

    On Tuesday evening, there is an Open House on changes to the Rose Garden area which will destroy Memorial Coliseum and hinder the Blazers' plans for a 24/7/365 Entertainment District there.

    Please see (my city web site, Next Up at City Council page) for this coming week's opportunities to raise your voice with concerns about the current direction. It will take citizen pressure to change the majority on the Council on this matter, and the time for that pressure is now.

    Amanda Fritz
    Commissioner, City of Portland