Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beauty Is In the eye of the beholder

Well Randy Leonard opened his mouth and stuck his foot in it yet again. According to the Portland Tribune, commissioner Leonard was quoted as saying “Only the Portland Building is uglier,” when referring to the Memorial Coliseum. And I guess that a empty baseball stadium is comparable to the Chrysler Building? Only in the eyes of a fool like Randy Leonard.

In the article by Jim Redden, the future of the Memorial Coliseum is discussed. The Portland Trailblazer organization wants to create a 'free' live music venue on the Coliseum site. The idea is that it would draw thirsty concertgoers who could be then sold over-priced beer, food, etc. The article also quotes local architect Brian Libby who thinks that the Memorial Coliseum could be converted into a hybrid indoor/outdoor arena. How feasible this idea is I am not sure, but it is much better than the alternative proposed by Mr. Leonard.

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