Monday, April 20, 2009

Council vote on Memorial Coliseum's fate delayed

According to the Oregonian, the vote on the fate of the Memorial Coliseum has been delayed until April 29th to give planners more time in making the decision on where to place the proposed AAA baseball stadium.  In plain speak this means that Sam Adams knew that he was going to piss off a lot of people by rushing ahead with the plan of demolishing the Coliseum to place, of all things, a minor-league baseball park.

I know that some media sources have been reporting that the Memorial Coliseum has been saved from the wrecking ball, but I am not convinced of that what so ever.  The article clearly states only that the Coliseum site is off the table as far as the baseball stadium is concerned.  The Blazer Organization has its eye on the site for some kind of "entertainment district" and wants to use the Coliseum's shell for the roof of an amphitheater.  As if the competition in the outdoor concert venue market is not competitive enough already!  

As a side note in all of this, when I had a full tour of the Coliseum facilities in 2003 or so, the lady in the front office showed me an old artist sketch that they had found in storage just within the last week or so.  The original plan for the Memorial Coliseum called for a amphitheater where the Thunderbird Motor Inn stands now.  I am under the impression that Paul Allen owns that piece of property so maybe they could, if they feel it is necessary, put a outdoor concert venue in there by the river?

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