Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An Editorial

With the sad news that the city of Portland is indeed moving ahead with placing the new AAA baseball stadium at the site of the Memorial Coliseum, I am feeling a lot of anger quite frankly.  With the money that the city is willing to throw at the renovation of PGE park and the building of a new baseball stadium for a minor-league baseball team, I am only left to think of what a portion of that money would do if it was put into a renovation of the Memorial Coliseum.

I am also upset with the fact that once the Memorial Coliseum is gone, not only will it leave a hole for the Portland Winter Hawks, but also for all of the other events and groups that currently use the building.  Obviously the Rose Garden cannot accommodate all of the events that are currently split between the 2 venues.  Has the mayor even considered how losing the Coliseum would affect the local economy?   Not to mention the fact that the new stadium would sit empty a good half of the year.  So much for bringing foot traffic into the Rose Quarter.  

And another little fact that escapes the mayor Sam Adams and the powers that be is that if they did move the veteran's memorial, it would likely end up as a afterthought and likely lodged in next to a Hard Rock Cafe or a similiar gaudy establishment as the whole idea is to remake the Rose Quarter as a "centerpiece of a future entertainment district which would include shops, nightclubs and restaurants", according to officials from the city and the Blazers.

In my opinion Sam Adams is a despicable person.  He should have resigned after the citizens of Portland found out about his relationship with a minor and how he lied about the relationship to all of us so he could gain power.  He is a sick individual.  I would like to ask all of the citizens of Portland, what has a person like Sam Adams contributed to Portland as compared to all of the dead soldiers whose names are listed on the memorial wall that resides at the Coliseum?   The latter brought honor to the residents of Oregon, the former has only brought shame.


  1. Oh, this is just a rant. You don't like the mayor, that's fine. But the Blazers ownership are set to invest private money for part of this plan - this is money we would not get access to if we just did some upgrades to the aging eyesore that is MC.

    The plan also intends to restore the context for the actual Veterans Memorial - this will be a great centerpiece for the people who served our country.

    Certainly the dump that MC has become is not reflective of the sacrifices that all the Vets have made.

    And a few cat shows and hockey games do not equal significant foot traffic but for a couple hours. The new plan will include entertainment options that are open year round and become a real draw. Again this is stuff that would not happen if we poured millions into making MC attractive, safe and usable again.

  2. Luke: You are doing a great job here, but I would tone down the anti-Sam stuff and stick to the facts. Take the high road and encourage people to do the right thing for the Rose Quarter and for Portland.