Sunday, April 19, 2009

Portland soccer jobs not exactly as promised

From The Oregonian, it turns out that the number of jobs that are to be created by the new MLS team are a lot lower than the projected estimates.  And on top of that, a good 1/4 or more are low-paying jobs without benefits that are subsidized by the city of Portland.  These jobs include ushers, ticket takers, etc.  

Now I am no expert on "professional" sports teams, but even the revised estimate of 160 high paying jobs ($50k and over) that will come with the new team seems to me to be nothing more than wishful thinking.  I could be wrong but I do not see how a fledgling team in a fledgling league will be able to afford a payroll of that many higher-wage workers, especially when you figure in the 30 or so team members which would leave 130 for management, sales, coaches, etc.  

The article does state that the jobs would be created by both the new MLS team and the Beavers baseball team, but aren't the Beavers already up and running?  I smell a rat here and his name is Merritt Paulson.

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