Monday, April 20, 2009

Memorial Coliseum’s fate hangs in the balance

Jim Redden wrote up a  good piece for the Portland Tribune on the fate of the Memorial Coliseum.  According to the article, there is going to be a rally to save the Coliseum at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, April 21, at the American Institute of Architects' Center for Architecture, 403 N.W. 11th Ave.  I strongly suggest that anyone who is interested in saving the Coliseum attend the event.

In the article Redden quotes Randy Leonard as saying that he "anticipates" that a majority of the city council WILL vote to place the proposed baseball stadium at the Coliseum site.  This is not good news.  We need to get on the phones and call the city council members, especially Dan Saltzman who is turning out to be the swing vote.  I did email Dan a few days back but never heard back from him.  When I called his office last week his assistant told me that the calls were "mixed" in support  of the plan.  I find this hard to believe as the other assistants told me that the calls were overwhelmingly against the MLS plan.  

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