Thursday, April 23, 2009

Paulson Asks For a delay on stadium vote

According to the "O", Merritt Paulson has asked to delay "indefinitely" a vote on placing the proposed AAA baseball stadium at the Rose Quarter.  This is good news in that he must had come to the conclusion that public outrage over tearing down the Coliseum was getting in the way of his plans, and he needed to move quickly to place it elsewhere so he could be on track to convert PGE Park for "Professional" soccer.

The news is getting better every day but we still have to keep our guard up as the Blazer Organization has their eyes on the M.C. in the hopes of building some kind of open air music venue, using the outer-walls and the roof of the Coliseum and then gutting the bowl seating to create some kind of amphitheater.  

Of course this makes absolutely no sense as the metro area already has a large amphitheater that is losing money (Clark County Amphitheater), and last I heard they were contemplating covering the venue so they could operate year-round.   I don't think that there are too many people around here who want to sit out in the cold, soggy, Pacific Northwest weather to watch a Coldplay concert in the middle of November.  But I could be wrong.


  1. This city needs a centrally located ICE-SKATING RINK, to foster local talents!

    Keep the Coliseum and convert it into a monument to skating.

  2. A centrally located ice rink?

    Isn't Lloyd Center just a few blocks away from the Coliseum?