Monday, April 20, 2009

The People Have Spoken, but are they listening?

An update to my last post.  I just got off the phone with an assistant to Dan Saltzman who wishes to remain anonymous, and she told me that the majority of calls were running AGAINST the MLS plan that calls for demolishing the Memorial Coliseum.  Folks, this is great news as it shows that people are getting on the phone and speaking out against this boondoggle.   I only hope that the city commissioners will listen to their constituents and vote with them, and not against them.


  1. It appears that the Mayor has nixed the plan to tear down the MC... First thing he has done right, in my opinion.

  2. Well, this person is *very* much for tearing it down and replacing it with something useful- be it a new baseball stadium or whatever. I still can't quite work out the logic for having two sports arenas next to each other- there just isn't a need for it, which is why the Coliseum is disintegrating in the first place. It is to the point where upgrading it to any kind of modern standard would be massively, massively expensive. The only tenant is the Winter Hawks- and they wold love to be able to get out of there and play full-time at the Rose Garden, where they always draw 2-3000 more people for the games they do play there, because people like going to the modern Rose Garden better.

    Most of the problems the MC has are the kind of unfixable problems any old arena has- narrow concourses, not enough restrooms, general lack of amenities, etc. There is a reason arenas from that era have pretty much all been knocked down

    There are lots of great memories there, but sometimes a building just outlives its usefulness.

  3. This is the best news! The Mayor and City Council is heading down the path of doing something right. Thanks Luke for taking care of this site. It just shows that what we can do as citizens of this great City -- when we come together and raise our voices; things can happen. Now how 'bout we try to get an NHL team?!

  4. Why tear it down? Isn't Portland the "green" city it invisions? Reuse, reduce and such...thus why tear down an "older" building. Facts are Blazers, OAC and Paul Allen have had their sights, vision on this CITY property for years. Yet the main caveat the city allowed OAC to run,manage the MC. There was $500,000 put aside for yearly maintanence OAC spent little or none on this. Why they wished this site, so simply put let's bide our time let it (MC) waste away. Thus we'll have "our" way. One sticking point though, when OAC was mired in a "false bankruptcy" the city "allowed" them out of previous agreement (lease) yet all others tenants of MC (Winter Hawks) kept same lease. Global Spectrum contracted RG and MC management during bankruptcy. Guess what, the MC posted a PROFIT! How could they have done that when OAC couldn't post a net in ten years? Simply they used the space for smaller events. The MC with PROPER management would make money, it did two-three years back.