Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The People Have Spoken

According to a poll on, the percentage of people who want to see the Memorial Coliseum torn down to make way for the proposed baseball stadium are in the minority.  And I mean 'minority'.  It looks like the NO vote is winning by well over 80%.  What was that old saying about fooling the people some of the time.......

Even though this is not a scientific poll, according to the assistants to the city commissioners that I spoke with today, the public seems to be very much against this idea.  And Randy Leonard's assistant told me that Randy will vote with the people.  Why I am finding that hard to believe?

Should Memorial Coliseum be torn down and replaced with a baseball stadium for the Portland Beavers?

16.50 %

83.50 %


  1. As a U.S. Navy Veteran, I feel it would be a dishoner to all our brave U.S. War Veterans to demolish this once proud building and memorial. It has been puposely neglected by Metro for many years, in the hopes it would fall into enough disrepair it would fall down by itself. That's the same type of scam Portland Public Schools run on their older school buildings when they want to build new schools at taxpayers' expense. Let it rot, then whine and say "it's for the children".

    Public servants used to take good stewardship of our public buildings seriously, but that is not done today.

    And, I'll just bet Paul Allen has a hand in this degredation of The Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

    Scambags all.

    Portland's Mayor is an idiot and a pedophile, IMO.

  2. Let's all be heard. Attend the meeting below and make it loud and clear we won't stand for this!!

    Rose Quarter Redevelopment Public Open House Event

    Tuesday, April 14, 2009
    6:00-8:00 p.m.

    6:00 PM Public review of proposed redevelopment concepts
    6:30 PM Presentation of redevelopment concepts
    7:00 PM Community feedback session

    Leftbank Building, 240 N. Broadway
    *Parking available at the City Center Parking garages south of Weidler, across the street from the Leftbank building.