Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some Random Thoughts

After watching and reading coverage of tonight's 'open house' which was held for the purpose of allowing citizens to view plans for the proposed baseball stadium at the Rose Quarter and to ask Mayor Adams questions, I am left feeling somewhat angry and disillusioned.  From all accounts not one person spoke up in favor of the idea.  And from the polls that I have seen, most Portlanders are against the plan of demolishing the Memorial Coliseum.  Below are just some random thoughts of mine and please feel free to leave any comments about them.  

  • Is there no other spot in the city that could host the new baseball stadium?
  • Why does Sam Adams think the new "entertainment district" would work there?  Anyone else remember 'Cucina Cucina'?  Enough said.
  • Why does the idea of spending money to modernize the Memorial Coliseum seem to be out of the question?  The city seems to have no trouble finding money for the PGE Park/baseball stadium funding.  And lets not forget all of the other wacky investments that the city has made with absolutely no return for the taxpayers.  How is that tram working out Sam?
  • Randy Leonard has got to be the most hard-headed politician of all time.  By his reasoning we should just level the Coliseum because its electrical and other systems need upgrading.  If that were the case, at least half of the residential homes in Portland would be demolished and Home Depot would be out of business.
  • I have nothing against building new stadiums if the business model will work, but why level a perfectly fine building that is a local landmark just to site a minor-league stadium that will sit empty most of the year?  Talk about an eyesore.
  • Is it just me or does the Memorial Coliseum not just scream 'Portland'?  Contrary to what a few people have been saying on some of the Internet forums, the Coliseum is in remarkably nice condition considering the age and how much use the venue has seen.   The views from the concourse are amazing and the design of the building has held up very well considering the age.  If it was just a typical old cement sports arena (like the old 'Salt Palace'....sorry Salt Lake) I might feel differently.
  • On a positive note I think there is a small glimmer of hope in that some of Portland's 'creative class' and artists (Thomas of Pink Martini) have come out in favor of saving the Coliseum and I am really hoping that their support will add some needed credibility to the cause.  We all know that the veterans have been pretty much ignored and kept out of the process regarding the new plans.  
  • On top of everything else, politicians want to feel liked.  Does Dan Saltzman REALLY want to be known as the guy who killed Portland Veterans Memorial Coliseum?  Only time will tell. 


  1. How many of you voted for Adams and Leonard? You have only yourselves to blame, and you'll probably be gullible enough to do it again. Wake up, people.

  2. I was there, I heard all the arguments, I spoke a brief concern of my own, I talked with peers, and I left with a feeling that this decision has already been made. Its as if a freight train is trying to be stopped in a block. It just wont happen.

    In the end things unfortunately happen like this all the time, and I only hope that this development doesn't turn into what so many modern developments do. "lifestyle centers" with retail and blah blah. I think this will actually dilute the Portland identity and culture and take away from the area especially. There is a pretty evident bottleneck in that area with the river to the west and I-5 to the east. I think it will be tough to bridge that. Not to mention the warehouse and industrial district to the north. but I guess we'll see. square peg in a round hole?

    I also don't know how I feel about having a nice city skyline on my first base side and a nice big 120,000sf Nike museum over my left field wall. Too many handshake deals, too many promises. Its going to be a brand showcase.

    In the end I think it will be the loss of an iconic building, replaced with some woulda coulda shoulda. Give it a few years.

    There just seems to be so many glaring flashing points that wont be addressed until its too late, if ever.

    Fast track is one thing, but this? give me a break. I support adams with his sustainability center project but not this one. cant.

  3. You have yet to find me a compelling reason to keep the dump. What would we do with it, even if we put money into it? Sounds like a money pit to me, but typical of Portlanders to resist change even if it makes no sense.

    This isn't an iconic building. Its a falling apart glass box. Renovating it with a brand new arena next door is a foolish waste of resources. Build the ballpark, and lets see baseball in a real ballpark from now on. As for the Coliseum, thanks for the memories, but its time to go.

  4. I grew up in that building. I live in Idaho now, but the Coliseum and, more importantly, the Buckaroos, were the reason I wanted to play hockey. At 41, I am still involved in the game.

    It sounds like the owner of the WInterhawks is willing to make an investment to keep his team in the MC. Why doesn't the city sell it to him and then he can make the upgrades? It could not be a better hockey venue, as the Rose Garden is too big for games, other than the ones against Seattle and such.

    Your Mayor and jackass council probably never even goes into the building for anything. So, how would they know what it's like? Tear it down and a HUGE mistake is being made.

  5. I've decided to post my thoughts in more detail:


  6. Agree with dave - this place is an eyesore on the city. It had its time and 30 years ago was a great venue. Not anymore. I really dont think any of you who are against tearing it down have been inside of it recently. It should be condemned.

  7. Why not turn the old Coliseum into a casino for imagine the Blazer fans streaming into the casino after a Blazer win!

  8. Why spend the money to build a ball park for a MINOR LEAUGE team! Does anyone remember the Portland Rockies? How about the Forest Dragons? Teams leave all the time and what will the city of Portland be left with? A baseball stadium in an area with horrible traffic congestion that sits empty? What is the attendance like for the Beavers? It will be up for the first year and then back in the tank. The Colisum could be upgraded and remodeled and modernized and be a great venue with a consistent tenant and be available for many uses not just baseball. If you want to build a baseball stadium why not head out to a blighted area like the horse track/portland speedway and build a real stadium and try to lure MLB in? The infrastructure is there it has MAX and many entrance/exit streets and would be near the new bridge? The Rose Quarter is a traffic mess as it is and it will only get worse.

  9. Blast the sucker and put in anything that doesn't have TONS OF GLASS FRYING ANYTHING THAT WALKS AROUND THE CONCOURSE...

  10. Give up the dream...